Sling Studio Falling Feathers Pelican

Composition: 52% cotton, 21% supima cotton, 20% bourette silk, 7% seacell
Weight: 260 gsm
Lenght: size 5

When I was told that I will be testing a new blend, it was a mystery for me what’s on the way. I was looking forward to try it and touch it and I was also so curious about the colorway! In the meantime I grabbed the Bracken Cranborne from the website so once the SS box landed here, I wasn’t sure what’s hidden inside.

Before I let my eyes see, I put my hand into the box… What I felt was extremely softness with a bit cooling touch, its texture was like a warm sand on the beach – in some way grippy and satin at the same time (I know it sounds like an oxymoron but SS wraps are magical!). I thought it definitely doesn’t require ANY breaking in and on the other hand it felt so thin that I was very curious if it will be supportive enough with my big boy. I started blend guessing game and my first thought was: SEACELL, there must have been some seacell that gives the cooling effect, I thought about supima cotton due to the softness and I had a dillema between bourette silk and linen, because there were some little nubs. I opened the box and I jumped from joy when I saw the colorway! Then I recognized imediately the bourette silk and the shine of seacell thread, it was a good guess… 🙂

The name on the box was Pelican, which refers to a genus of large water birds that makes up the family Pelecanidae. When I look at the background color, it reminds me of the Brown Pelican feathers. SS Falling Feathers Pelican has dove color feathers (warp) and warm toned silvery beige / beige grey background (weft) with tiny ecru and black bourette nubs and slubs (like a salt and pepper spread over the wrap <3 ). It’s very similar to Wood Pigeon linen feathers, I would even dare to say that Pelican is the bourette brother to WP :). The wrap looks so classy, delicate, so gentle… And so it is to the touch!

As I mentioned before, Falling Feathers Pelican is composed of 52% cotton, 21% supima cotton, 20% bourette silk and 7% seacell. Supima cotton is the softest and the highest quality cotton in the world (I wrote something about it also by the way Sling Studio FF Black Stork review) and its presence in this wrap is  clearly noticeable, as well as the seacell with skin-caring properties. The bourette silk has charactristic nubs and slubs that enhances the texture of the wrap. Now is the time I need to make a confession that old releases of cotton/bourette silk wasn’t personaly my favourite blend. The new composition with the extra mix of supima cotton and seacell together with cotton and bourette silk makes this blend simply perfect to me! The mix adds extra softness and cushiness which increases the comfort of wearing. The wrap is very mouldable, fluid, has just a perfect amount of bounce and, what I mentioned before too, feels so thin in hand. I was very surprised when I calculated the weight… It is 260 gsm! So it is of medium thickness, but still I was very curious if my shoulders will like it.

I decided to give it a try before the bath cause it looked so delicious that I couldn’t stop myself. I just did a loud „WOW”. I have never wrapped with so „creamy”, fluid wrap before the wash. It literally tighten itself, with the least effort, I think this wrap would be a perfect choice for unexperienced wrappers. I said I was curious if it will be comfortable enough on shoulders with my baby (big) boy, because I expected it might be a tad diggy at first due to bourette yarn structure… It surprised me again, Pelican fits so well to the shoulders, even when the pleats touches the skin (not a clothing) directly, a cream to wrap with. I don’t really know how Sling Studio is creating such thin in hand wraps that are SO supportive and cushy. After a wash and a week of wearing I can’t see a huge difference in wrapping qualities or the touch, it was already cloudy soft out of the box.

I can see this wrap as a perfect shorty as well as a base. I loved it in single layer ruck, in DH, in kangaroo carry. I tried it also with FWCC, shepherd’s and I am delighted. This wrap is suitable for all. I can see it as a perfect match to the summer dress, for spring and summer walks by the sea, when all the nature is coming alive, the flowers are blooming and Pelican colors matches it perfectly cause they are like a breathe of spring air, bright and so fresh…

All photographs by Ela Bednarek.