Sling Studio Falling Feathers Black Stork

Composition: 50% cotton, 25% tussah silk, 20% supima cotton, 5% seacell

Weight: ~280 gsm

Lenght: 4,2 m

Some time ago , thanks to the very kind Mama, the unreleased (yet) beauty, Sling Studio Falling Feathers Black Stork, arrived to me. I was so curious because I love Sling Studio wraps and the composition of blends in this particular wrap was something the company never done before – I couldn’t have missed to try it!

The name of the wrap, Black Stork, refers to a large migratory bird, whose plumage is black with a purplish green sheen (except for the white lower breast, belly and undertail coverts). Seeing the sneak peak on Sling Studio’s Instagram, I thought the wrap looks absolutely black… I was looking forward to the magic SS box…  First impressions, when I opened the box I saw non-obvious black, it was blackish navy warp combined with black and grey weft. Anthracite (seems dark navy in person) warp is news in SS, I must admit that it makes an impression – the well known Falling Feathers pattern takes on a new face. Black Stork reminds me of the FF Rook which the weft is blackish navy, but the warp is a bit brighter so the background of the wrap seems darker than the feathers color. Black Stork, on the other hand, seems to be black but the grey tussah thread is such a nice detail that adds lustre to the wrap, giving a very charming effect to the whole appearance of the fabric.

The composition of the Black Stork is 50% cotton, 25% tussah silk, 20% supima cotton, 5% seacell- this composition, as I mentioned in the introduction, is new to Sling Studio. What did I expect from this blend? First of all, the incredible softness of supima cotton, which is the best quality cotton in the world – the extra-long staple contribute to the strength, softness and pilling resistance at the same time. Secondly, tussah silk nubs and slubs, which have been on the top of woven wraps trends for a long time. And thirdly, the shimmer of seacell yarn, which I always saw in the wraps from other manufacturers. I did not expect the presence of seacell to have a significant impact on the wrapping qualities because the percentage of seacell in this sling is infinitesimal. How did my expectations meet reality?

As for the first impression, the wrap seemed to be very textured, which did not surprise me – it is typical of silk tussah. However, it was quite soft in hand for the brand new in box condition, which was not surprising me neither, as all SS wraps are incredibly soft out of the box. I was very curious to see how it will change because as all wrappers know, the sling undergo a real transformation after washing and a few ups 🙂 …

Writing this review, I’ve been using Black Stork for over a week, several times a day. First of all, its color has changed – the black thread has been significantly enhanced and the tussah nubs and slubs have been „bloomed” like a flower on the sling. In touch, it is still textured, but much less – it is not so rough to the touch, the wrap is subtler and smoother under the fingers, at the same time it has become more grippy (due to the mentioned nubs and slubs). This is why I love SS wraps with tussah silk – they are amazingly soft but still grippy enough to stay in place. Black Stork became more cushy, which is noticeable during wearing, it has been much appreciated by my shoulders. I think this is largely due to the supima cotton – the BS after a relatively short time of use is similar softness as the wraps of similar blend from older releases, such as FF Mist or Sparrowhawk, which I had the pleasure to try when they were already broken in. As for the wrapping qualities… For fans of Sling Studio, there is no surprise. Compared to the 50/50 tussah blend, the Black Stork has more bounce, less harshness, so tightening may be a bit easier. A skilled hand will handle it perfectly, less skilled will managed it quickly too, and the wrap will pay back by holding the carry rock solid. As for the supportiveness, I tried it with my 9-kilogram Wrappe, Black Stork does great in all carries I have tested it with: kangaroo, FWCC and simple rucksack, double hammock. In DH carry I literally do not feel the passenger on my back …

I liked Black Stork very much. It is an extremely classic and elegant wrap, which thanks to the charming tussah nubs and slubs is also ideal for everyday, casual stylizations. The color maybe doesn’t scream: „SPRING”! however, this part of the Babywearering world, which does not chase after juicy greens, candy pinks and sunny yellows, will certainly appreciate the novelty from Sling Studio even at this time of year – in Poland we say that the Stork is the spring symbol… 🙂