Papo Wraps Rhythm of Earth

Warp: 50 % hand dyed mulberry silk, 50 % hand dyed tussah silk

Weft I: 100% hand-spun & hand dyed merino

Weft II: 45 % mulberry silk, 35 % australian wool, 15 % shantung silk, 5 % merino

Weight: ~350 gsm

Lenght: 3,2m

The First Polish Competition of Babywearing Weavers (read more here) resulted in many beautiful handwoven wraps. Two of them, Iceberg Symphony and Rythm of Earth, woven by Papo Wraps, I had the unquestionable pleasure of trying during the photo session for PW, performed by Ela Bednarek and I have written my thoughts about Iceberg Symphony here so now it’s time for the Rythm of Earth, which took forth place in the competition <3

Rhythm of Earth was woven by Monika Kunert, co-creator and owner of the Polish brand of handwoven baby wraps, Papo Wraps. RoE is one of a kind, there is no sister, only onle in the world. Unique. Monika described her inspiration:

„It is quiet.

So peaceful and good. You hear your even breath. The warm wind slightly touches the bare arms. The land smells sweet and clear, because it just rain …

It is quiet.

Delicate rays of the sun pierce through the thicket of the forest.

It is quiet, warm and safe. A small man is still following you.”

Inspiration photography:

When I saw Rythm of Earth in person, I was extremely impressed with how every single thread matches the inspiration. The colors perfectly reflect the atmosphere of a forest walk after rain… To the touch, I could easily feel the texture of the wrap, it was so wooly, I loved it. It seemed to be of medium thickness. How surprised I was when I caught hold of the tails to tighten and they could barely fit in my hands! It is a real blankety wrap, which wraps like a dream – I literally didn’t feel a baby boy on my back (who is already a big boy… 🙂 ) and the knot was rock solid (even with my hopsing wrappee…). I am absolutely enchanted by the wrapping qualities of this wrap. Rythm of Earth has definitely changed my view on handwovens and I would love to have it in my pile. Forest green, combined with beautiful turquoise and moss color makes you want to go for a walk to the forest… <3
All pictures by Ela Bednarek.