Papo Wraps Iceberg Symphony

Warp: 100% Mulberry Silk

Weft 1: 100% Mulberry Silk – hand dyed

Weft 2: 100% Mulberry Silk

Weft 3: 35 % Finest Cashmeer / 65% Seacell

Lenght: 4.2m fringled

Weight: ~330 gsm

At the end of February-March this year, The First Polish Competition of Babywearing Weavers took place (more details here). It was organized in cooperation with the SSS Challenge Warszawa and the Chustoświrki (Wrapgeeks) group, the final took place on March 3 during SSS Challenge Warszawa, in Warsaw. The Competition gave the opportunity to create amazing wraps, Polish Weavers have woven real masterpieces, which could be admired on the facebook group of the Polish Competition of Babywearing Weavers. Two of them, by Monika Kunert and by Jakub Kunert, I had the pleasure to wrap with during a photo session for Papo Wraps by Ela Bednarek.

Papo Wraps is well known Polish brand of handwoven baby wraps, created by two weavers – Monika and Jakub Kunert. Both of their wraps were appreciated during the weaver’s competition, taking third and forth place in the competition.

Let’s talk about Iceberg Symphony (read my thoughts about Rythm of Earth, Monika’s competition wrap here, third place in the First Polish Weavers Competition, woven by Jakub is one of a kind, no sister, only one wrap in the world.

„Just me.

My thoughts.

My soul.



A gentle brush.

A piercing thrill.




„Safe in the light that surrounds me

Free of the fear and the pain

My subconscious mind

Starts spinning through time

To rejoin the past once again”

DT – „Regression”


This is how Jakub presented his inspiration for weaving Iceberg Symphony.

Inspiration photo:

Every wrap geek has heard about a wrap that is like a „cloud”. We often use such terms. If I ever thought I had touched one before, I was close, very close, but it was not the highest stage of „cloudness” yet… I realised it only when I touched THIS wrap. ICEBERG SYMPHONY. My babywearer’s-heart melted… This wrap is like a real puff – light and airy, it is very silky to the touch, shimmering like snowflakes in the sunshine, fluffy and mouldable. Just wonderful. I have never held anything so fluffy in my hands – I could feel the majesty of mulberry silk, the delicateness of cashmere and the chill of seacell. Iceberg Symphony is a real work of art. Wrapping such a silky wrap around your baby is the greatest pleasure, although it requires some wrapping skills due to high silk content. Iceberg Symphony is a wonderful wrap I would personally suggest for advanced wrappers, for the whole babywearing journey – from a newborn to preschooler… It doesn’t need any more introduction, just look at the pictures… All by Ela Bednarek.